The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music is the world’s leading provider of music exams and assessments.  Each year over 630,000 candidates take ABRSM exams in more than 90 countries around the world. Established in 1889, the Board now draws on a unique resource: its 120 years of experience and expertise.  Since its establishment, ABRSM has provided music educators, pupils and parents with  exams and assessments that promote consistent standards and carry recognized international authority,  encouraging and motivating performers through the provision of goals and the measurement of progress.  A total commitment to music education lies at the heart of ABRSM work.  The Associated Board has the authority of four of the leading conservatoires in the UK: Royal Academy of Music (London), Royal College of Music (London), Royal Northern College of Music (Manchester), Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama (Glasgow).

The Associated Board’s graded exams and assessments are open to all age groups and to all levels of ability.  They are accredited in England by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority and the corresponding regulatory authorities in Wales and Northern Ireland.  They are part of the National Qualifications Framework, and are also recognized formally in a number of other countries. ABRSM  authoritative and internationally recognized syllabuses, requirements, exams, and evaluation criteria are standardized, and therefore uniform for all countries.

ABRSM choose Isidor Bajić Music School, as the most eminent institution for music education in the region,  to be the Local Representative of the Board for South-East Europe.  In such a way, students of Isidor Bajić Music School have been provided with opportunities to take ABRSM exams and assessments in a space they know well – their own school.

ABRSM practical syllabuses are available in over 35 subjects.  Carefully crafted syllabuses, each of which combines an appealing repertoire list alongside a package of elements focusing on developing all-round musicianship, are relevant to a wide range of teachers and accessible through different teaching approaches.

ABRSM offers two types of evaluations – exams and assessments.  The primary difference between the two is:

  • Exams – marks are awarded at the end; for Practical Graded Exams, candidates receive Pass, Merit or Distinction, depending on the number of marks given by the examiner; gradings rather than marks are awarded for Ensemble/Choral Singing exams.
  • Assessment – no marks are awarded and there is no pass or fail; instead, constructive comments are written by the examiner onto the certificate that each candidate receives at the end of the assessment (Prep Test or Performance Assessment).

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Contact:  Jelena Alargić – Resource Coordinator (Floor 1, Room 12)

  • phone/fax: (021) 524-580
  • cell phone: (064) 2410-978
  • e-mail:   abrsm@sbb.rs

ABRSM Examination Entry Form

Money Order for Audition for Practical Graded Exams


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