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Isidor Bajić Music School is a school with a long-standing tradition of success, recognized for its countless achievements as well as its celebrated staff. In a perpetual search for talented students to carry-on its musical and educational traditions, a new generation of students is welcomed each year.

There are various enrollment opportunities:

  • Music Kindergarten
  • Elementary Music School
  • High Music School
  • Part-time enrollment

Music Kindergarten

Music Kindergarten

The Music Kindergarten was established with one goal in mind: offer an opportunity to the youngest members of our society to be introduced to the basic concepts of music and develop  elemental musical skills through singing, dancing, recitation, and story-telling.  Here we teach children to appreciate music as we help them acquire a basic understanding of music art, while at the same time preparing them for potential enrollment in the Elementary Music School.

Children age 4 to 7 can enroll in the Music Kindergarten. Children work in a group setting. Groups are formed based on the age of the children.

Marija Josimović, solfeggio teacher, leads the Music Kindergaten.  Classes, each lasting for 45 minutes, take place twice a week.

Elementary Music School

Elementary Music School

The educational cycle at the Elementary Music School varies in length according to the department: it lasts for two years in the Vocal Deparment, four years in the Wind Department, and six years for all other departments (Piano, String, Poly-Instrumental, and Accordion Departments).  A child’s choice of instrument depends on their age.

Children age 9 (or less) can choose one of the following instruments :

  • Accordion
  • Guitar
  • Harp
  • Violin
  • Cello
  • Piano

Children age 11 (or less) can apply for enrollment in the study of:

  • Flute
  • Oboe
  • Bassoon
  • Clarinet
  • Saxophone
  • Horn
  • Trumpet
  • Trombone
  • Double Bass
  • Percussion

Those aged 16 (or older) can enroll in Singing.

High Music School

High Music School

The total length of study at the High School is four years, during which time pupils have the option of choosing one of two majors:

  • Music Performance
  • Music Theory

Currently, there are 222 high school students enrolled: 127 majoring in Music Performance, and 95 majoring in Music Theory.

PART-TIME ENROLLMENT: Elementary Music School

Elementary school part-time enrollment

Part-time students do not attend lessons at the Music School.  Instead, they earn an elementary music school certificate by passing a required number of exams.  In order to complete a particular grade, part-time students must pass exams for all the subjects required for that grade, as defined by the curriculum for elementary music schools.

Part-time students can perform at departmental and school concerts.  They can also take part in competitions under the school’s name, provided they have obtained prior approval from the school jury.  The jury, comprised of a select group of the school’s teachers, decides, upon listening to the student’s prepared programme, whether a student demonstrates the appropriate level for a chosen competition.

In order to become a part-time student, one must enroll into the school. The enrollment procedure must be completed each time a student advances into a higher grade. Before the beginning of each academic year, students must enroll in their first suitable grade. They may then advance into a higher grade upon the successful completion of the previous one. This can be accomplished as early as the examination period.

There are three examination periods for part-time students: in January, June, and August.

Part-time students are responsible for all necessary enrollment and examination fees.


High school part-time enrollment

Part-time high school students follow the same first grade enrollment procedure as full-time students – they are required to successfully pass the entrance exam taken during the same examination period as the full-time students.  They may advance into a higher grade upon successful completion of the previous grade, completing the enrollment procedure for every grade separately.

Part-time high-school students can perform at departmental and school concerts, and take part in competitions under the school’s name, according to the same guidelines set for part-time elementary school students.

There are examination periods for part-time high school students in January, June, and August.  Additional examination periods in November and April are possible only by special request accompanied by written approval from the principal of the school.

For additional information regarding part-time study, please contact Biljana Milovanović, Coordinator of Student Services (Room 21).

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