Tribute to Bajić

In the momentous year in which we proudly celebrated the 120th anniversary of the birth of Isidor Bajić, founder of our Music School, we organized a special tribute concert of Bajić’s music creations and an exhibition on Bajić’s life and work. On November 4, 1999, a concert was held in Studio “M”, Radio Novi Sad, with the participation of soloists, chamber ensembles, a mixed choir and the symphony orchestra from the School. In short, the entirity of the performance potential of the School participated in the concert. The concert was broadcast directly by Radio Novi Sad, while Television Novi Sad archived the concert permanently, and has broadcast it several times on Radio and Television of Serbia programmes. The recording of this concert was also published as the second CD by our school.

(for information about the CD, please click on the image)

„…buoyant, polished and engaged interpretations by young performers successfully and completely  presenting the shining beauty of these jewels of our music heritage“.

Borko Hložan


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