Second WPC

The Second World Piano Conference, organized by EPTA Voyvodina (European Piano Teachers’ Association), and Isidor Bajić Music School, was held in Novi Sad, August 26 – 31, 2010.

Novi Sad thus served as host to a gathering of over one hundred pianists and piano teachers, who gave their contribution to the further advancement of the standards of piano performing and teaching, addressing all aspects of piano performance and piano pedagogy, from beginner level to professional, and forming a strong bond between pianists and piano teachers from all over the world. The program of the Second World Piano Conference was comprised of lectures, recitals, master classes, and seminars, encompassing a diverse set of piano pedagogy related topics as well as those focused on the performance of piano literature masterpieces. Among those who took an active part in the Conference were a number of current national EPTA (European Piano Teachers Association) presidents from various European countries, members of Music Terachers National Association (American based organization), Asian Piano Teachers Association, Australian Piano Teachers Association, and a number of artists and pianists from the USA, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and Asia.

The Conference took place in the Concert Hall of Isidor Bajić Music School, the Novi Sad Synagogue, and the City Hall. The complete schedule of the Second World Piano Conference is available by clicking on the EPTA Voyvodina website or here.

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