Jazz Music Studio

The jazz studio, established in 2002 at the initiative of Radmila Rakin Martinović, the School Principal at the time, and Igor Molnar, a jazz musician and the then-serving Editor of the Cultural Center of Novi Sad Music Program, evolved as a logical product of a decades long tradition of nurturing jazz music in the city.  The popularity of the jazz studio surpassed the expectations of its founders immediately upon its opening.  While it owes its success primarily to the dedicated teachers involved with the program at the school,  it also gains significantly from the workshops led by visiting international jazz musicians and teachers organized throughout the year, as well as the continuing support it enjoys from the Cultural Center of Novi Sad, which has enabled  students of the studio to take an active part in the annual Jazz Festival in Novi Sad. In addition, the student concerts, which take place frequently at a variety of city clubs and venues, most notably at Wheels and Foxtrot, the city’s two most esteemed jazz clubs, contribute to the dynamic of the city cultural scene.  Since the establishment of the studio, a number of students have continued their education at jazz academies in Budapest (Hungary), Graz (Austria), and Cologne (Germany).

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