City of Music

Two major events concluded the 1999/2000 school year: a celebration of the occasion of the eightieth birthday of Mr. Anton Eberst, former student and teacher at Isidor Bajić Music School and doyenne of the music scene in Novi Sad, and a presentation of the book Novi Sad – a City of Music, which details and commemorates the specific achievements of the Isidor Bajic Music School, and which, after several years of intense research, was completed by the school librarian Mr. Svetozar Radujko – Rade. The book was premiered and presented on June 27, 2000 with the participation of: the Tamburitza Orchestra of Radio Novi Sad and the Tamburitza Ensemble Marko Nešić, both of which performed the music of Isidor Bajić; Mr. Miodrag Petrović, an actor and member of the Serbian National Theatre in Novi Sad; Ms. Marija Adamov, a musicologist and editor for classical music at Radio Novi Sad, who reviewed the book; Mr. Zoran Kolundžija, a general manager of the publishing company Prometheus; Ms. Radmila Rakin Martinović, Principal of Isidor Bajić Music School; and the author himself.

…The vast and complex research of available documents and data that preceeded the publishing of the book took place over a period of years, and this work is now recognized as a valuable contribution towards the illumination of facts about the life and creative path of one of the pioneers of our music, the founder of this school, composer Isidor Bajić“

Radmila Rakin Martinović, Principle of Isidor Bajić Music School

… The book stands alone as a capital work, and its significance goes beyond this region… The systematic organization, seriousness of approach, wide breadth of topics covered and abundance of factual data make this book a significant scientific work.“

Marija Adamov, Musicologist

In 2010 Novi Sad – a City of Music is scheduled for reprint in a revised edition.

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